The following images are from my trip to Paint Rock, Texas, home to a 6,000 year old Indian campsite and a rock calendar where visitors can predict the solstices and equinoxes as well as see recordings of other astronomy related phenomena by the nomads who observed them. Most of the true meanings of these pictures have been lost over years. The interpretations you read here are not fact, but merely my hypothesis, although some of the meanings can be verified through careful study.

Possibly a plumed serpent, a common deity worshiped by Indians of South America and the the Southwestern United States. I personally think this is a representation of a comet with its two tails.

The symbol on the left appears to be that of an eclipse. The 4 hooks are possibly atlatls, an instrument used to throw a spear while hunting. The other symbols I think are tally marks, either representing the length of the hunt, or possibly a length of time before or after the eclipse.