For an animation sequence, click here... Comet Holmes_1.wmv

Comet 17P/Holmes became visible to the naked eye in less than 24 hours from magnitude 17 to a whopping 2.5, and increase of over 500,000 times. Holmes expanded to a size larger than the sun. It passed by Alpa Perseus and eventually accompanied by Comet 8P/Tuttle which passed through the sky rather quickly compared to Holmes.

This is a 30 second exposure taken at ISO 1600 with a Canon Rebel and an Orion ShortTube telescope. The blue ring you see is an aberration of the telescope and is not the color of the comet. The comet appeared to be milky white in color, about 24 arc seconds across with no discernible tail

Taken on 10/25 with a 9.25 Celestron SCT with a NexImage LPI 1157 frames stacked with Registax. Still no tail.