April 21, 2009. A final adieu to Comet Lulin, and a welcome to Comet C/2008 T2 (Cardinal). Comet Cardinal is cruising through Auriga and headed toward Gemini right now. The cluster of stars in the top right corner is M37. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the two comets were not in the same field. I put them together in this image to show the difference in magnitude, Lulin being about 10 and Cardinal being a bit brighter at 8.8. Click on the image for a full resolution version.


On St. Patrick's Day I saw a tiny green leprechaun fleeing the solar system. Comet Lulin still shines brightly at about 8.3 magnitude in this image from Huntsville, Texas.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
f/5 80mm refractor 5x30 seconds.


Different telescope. f/5 80 mm refractor and Canon XTI Rebel. 360 seconds exposure total...3x60 seconds and 6x30.

Taken on 2-20-2009, Comet Lulin made the only path it will ever make through our solar system.

The image on the right shows an animation of Comet Lulin's motion over a 270 second (4 1/2 minute) period.

For a separate video, click here. Lulin.mov

And here is a wide field movie. Comet Lulin-Wide.mov